Sorbonne Université, Master Mathématiques et Applications — Université de Paris, Master Mathématiques et Applications — Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, Master Mathématiques et Applications

Enrolment and application

In order to apply to this Master program, students must hold a degree equivalent to our Master 1 in Mathematics. Then, the main criteria for admission are the previously attended courses (content, scope) and the grades.

For organizational reasons, in application of the SU/UPC/USPN partnership agreement for the Fundamental Mathematics M2:

Students are invited to apply at all three institutions.

A joint pedagogical committee processes the applications and decides on admission. Accepted students are required to register administratively with their main admission institution. Main registration is decided by the pedagogical committee. Students enrolled in one of the schools have access to all courses. The jury is joint.

Enrolment procedures are different for the three masters involved (Sorbonne University, University of Paris, University Paris 13).

Here are the enrolment procedures for the three different M2.

Enrolment in the M2 of Sorbonne University

Enrolment in the M2 of the University of Paris Cité

Enrolment in the M2 in the University Paris 13


In case of a positive answer, the students will be inform in which master(s) he is enrolled.