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M2 "Mathématiques fondamentales"

The Master 2 of Sorbonne University, of the University of Paris and of the University Paris 13 now operate hand in hand, and they share their courses offer !

The enrollment in any of these three masters allows to validate all the courses proposed, no matter of the University which offers the course.

This formation is designed for students that already earn a M1 in pure mathematics, or any equivalent title.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply to the three different M2 to augment their chances of being admitted.

The goal is to form students to research in pure mathematics. The courses offer is without any equivalent, with many thematic routes and specialized courses that directly open on research problematics. The intership in lab at the end of the year allows to discover the research in the choosen area.

This formation is designed for students that want to go on with a PhD in pure mathematics.

An important point. By default, most of the lectures are given in french. However, all of the professors can teach in english, and certainly will, provided a majority of students ask them to do so. In any case, most of them write lecture notes -in english or in french- and/or give book references, and of course will answer questions in english.

The award rules for each option are detailed here.